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Want to be more confident, competent and happy? Would you like to be more popular and respected? This course teaches you the personal skills you need to be successful!

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Helping Teens to manage their emotions, academic studies and life

The teen years are very important for finding your identity and deciding what career to follow. If you find yourself struggling with bad emotions you won’t be able to focus on your studies, or have the freedom to explore your strengths.

On the other hand, teens with high EQ tend to perform better in school and university. With high EQ, you will be more popular and more well-liked. And most important you will feel happier, more confident and be able to make better decisions.

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For Teenagers

Why do you need this course?

Typically teens find it a real challenge to fit in while still establishing their unique identity. Teens also struggle with the rapid development of their brains and their bodies and all the confusion this can cause.

And many teens fall into emotional habits that can lead to all kinds of problems. They can become anti-social. They may find themselves unable to form good relationships with friends and family. They can have trouble focusing on their studies or have trouble with motivation or discipline. Even serious issues like uncontrolled anger, criminal behavior or debilitating anxiety or depression can occur.

It’s not just about being popular at school or getting good grades, if you don’t have good EQ skills you will struggle to be successful in all aspects of your life.


This course will help you to

– Feel good about yourself and be happy
– Be more confident and assertive
– Feel more capable and trustworthy
– Focus on your studies and do well academically
– Have insights about your emotions
– Make better choices and capitalize on your potential
– Have sensitivity toward other’s feelings
– Have great relationships with your friends and family

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What will I learn in this course?

How to become self-aware

EQ always starts with self-awareness. By being able to name the emotion you are feeling you can start to understand it, and if needed, to change it.

How to set emotion goals

When we are feeling good we can be a lot more effective in everything we do. If you want to be happy then you can make this a goal.You will learn how to monitor the way you feel and to automatically ask, “What do I want to feel instead?” Then you can take action and measure whether what you are doing is working.

How to manage your emotions

Whenever we get stuck in a negative mindset we can feel like we don’t have options – but what if we do? What if we could realize that we always have choices and that we can choose to respond differently? You will learn some simple strategies to help you change your mindset, so you will feel better and act more confidently.

How to deal with emotions in your body

Sometimes you can understand your negative thinking and how this impacts on your behavior, but still can’t shake the negative feelings. It’s almost like the bad feelings have become part of your body! So we’ll teach you some super cool and powerful tools from NLP that will get you feeling positive and motivated quickly.

How to communicate with empathy

In addition to self-awareness and personal management of feelings, EQ is also about understanding and being sensitive to the feelings of your friends and family. If you want your friends and family to trust you and listen to you, you must be able to communicate to them with empathy. Unless they feel understood and appreciated they will not listen to you or respect your point of view.

Practical & Fun

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Master Coach & Lead Trainer on EQ & NLP

William H-W

William Hamson-Wong is a master coach from Vancouver, Canada.

William has developed his perspectives on life, success and happiness for children and adults through his long professional career as a lawyer, PR Specialist, Published Author, Educator and NLP trainer. He is one of the resident experts and lead trainers for EQ Cup.

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Diverse & Talented

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Every lesson is interactive, exercise based and role-play based – allowing you to learn by doing. Each tool that you are taught is practical, interactive, easy to apply and fun!

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